Metabolic Weight Loss

Metabolic Weight Loss

Metabolic Weight Loss services offered in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Murrells Inlet, Columbia and Bluffton, SC

Your metabolism is the system that turns the food you eat into energy. At Metabolic Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Murrells Inlet, Columbia, and Bluffton, South Carolina, Meridith Womick, MD, and the team provide metabolic weight loss to improve how your body uses energy so you can reach your weight goals. Are you ready to reset your metabolism? Call the office or schedule your metabolic weight loss consultation online today. 

Metabolic Weight Loss Q&A

How does my metabolism work?

Your metabolism is a complex system of enzymes and mechanisms that keeps your body running. It converts the food you eat into energy, which is used to support every function in your body.

Your metabolism plays a significant role in weight management. A healthy metabolism gets enough energy from food to run all body functions, support physical activity, and maintain a healthy weight. 

Many factors influence the rate of your metabolism, including:

  • Body size
  • Body composition (muscle versus fat)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Digestion
  • Physical activity

Understanding the factors that influence your metabolism can help you create a lifestyle that improves your metabolic rate, making it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.

What is metabolic weight loss?

Metabolic weight loss is one of the programs Metabolic Medical Center offers to help people reach their weight goals. They restore and boost your body’s metabolism so it runs more effectively, helping you drop those unwanted pounds and keep them off. 

I can’t keep the weight off. Can metabolic weight loss help?

Metabolic weight loss is all about fixing your metabolism to maintain a healthy weight. Before making any recommendations, the team at Metabolic Medical Center conducts a thorough evaluation to fully understand your weight struggles and goals.

They ask about your weight history, the types of diets you’ve tried, and your usual eating habits and exercise routine. They review your medical history and do a physical exam. The team also runs lab work to look for health issues affecting your metabolism.

What can I expect from metabolic weight loss?

You can expect personalized care for metabolic weight loss at Metabolic Medical Center. The team uses many weight-loss programs to customize plans to match individual needs.

For metabolic weight loss, they create a plan that improves how your body uses energy from food. Your plan may include:

  • Eating protein at every meal
  • Drinking an adequate amount of water
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Engaging workouts customized to your needs and level of mobility
  • Eating enough food

Metabolic weight loss is a process that requires changes in habits. The team at Metabolic Medical Center works closely with you, helping you create a lifestyle that fixes your metabolic rate so you can get and stay healthy and happy.

Call Metabolic Medical Center or schedule an appointment online today to learn how metabolic weight loss can help you manage your weight.